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Kalestenon s.r.l. 
is  a  service    company  established  in  2005  specializing  in  business consulting and public relations.

It  puts  to  good  use  the  experience  gained  by  its CEO,  Cesare Florimonte, in a multi-year management  activities  at  the top of a multinational pharmaceutical company relating to public relations for the  registration  of  drug and for obtaining pricing and reimbursement by the National Health Sevices.

It  can  operate all over the world, but the main area of reference is that of the Middle East and The Arab World

The main collaborator of the Managing Director is Dr Annamaria Ventura, graduated in Oriental Studies and expert on 7 languages, including Arabic, perfectly written and spoken.

In addition, Dr. Tanjaoui Halima collaborates with Dr. Ventura

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